Monday, February 6, 2012

Prayer Is Powerful!

   Prayer is a very powerful weapon and tool. Satan doesn't like when we pray to God to come and help us, because he knows that God will help us. Prayer can change lives or heal the most chronic of diseases.
   I am currently reading a book called "No Longer A Slumdog". It's about the children of Asia who are at the bottom of the social status pyramid. Even though discrimination is prohibited, it is still happening. There are police officers always around, but if they were to protect the dalits (the lowest of the social status) they may get in trouble by the more powerful ranks. The children are going hungry and most will always be in debt to the people they work for. They can't go to school because they are poor, they don't know how to play because they are expected to work, and they are in need of Jesus because they don't go to church or have religious freedom.
    Most of the stories have happy endings because the man who wrote the book has started a school for the dalits. The learn of Jesus as they progress in the program. There are still lots of children in the streets and slums of Asia that need our prayers. Lets keep them in our daily prayers!