Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A little thought and inspiration for my followers...

      This quote talks about what a young man should look at in a girl, but I also think it says something about how a young woman should act and portray herself. I think every girl is beautiful, in her own way, it's the way God made her...and God always makes things beautiful. It shouldn't be a question of how she looks, but how she acts and makes others feel. 
I esteem to be a girl who can make a young man love by how I live, not by how I look. 

"Delight yourselves in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart." - Psalm 37:4

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

What are YOU thankful for?

  I'm so thankful for everything I have; my family, my friends (far and near, new and old), my house (that still has some branches of a tree on it), wonderful food, God's word, and sooo much more. The thing I am most thankful for is for my Saviour, Jesus Christ. He is so merciful and faithful. I'm thankful for his infinite and unfailing love, and his grace. He is always there for me, to guide and protect me. You can leave a comment and tell me something that you're thankful for...

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Woman of Character...

Ever since I was a little girl, I've dreamed of being a woman of grace, like the "Proverbs 31 woman." It's almost as if it's been instilled into me, because it's become a greater desire. I try my best, and sometimes I get dissapointed because I know that I did something wrong.  
Somethings, like honoring my husband, isn't completed yet, but even though he doesn't exist as my husband yet I still pray daily for him. I pray that he grows deeper with God everyday and that his heart is prepared to help me stand stronger with the Lord. 
I know the Lord is with me and that I will become the woman he wants me to be, even if it's not a perfect Proverbs 31 example; I'll still be a woman of character, molded by Gods characteristics! 

Friday, November 2, 2012

Hurricane Sandy..a true show of God's power!

     Long Island was hit hard by Hurricane Sandy. There wasn't much rain, but the wind alone caused a devastating amount of damage. I am so thankful that my immediate family only lost power for two days, but compared to others that was nothing. Our neighbors tree fell on his house and their was definitely structral damage. Trees still litter the streets along with downed telephone poles. Others lost all their belonging due to flood waters over 5 feet high. The sewers were flooded and are finally working again. Over 500,000 still don't have power, including some street lights. The newest problem is that gas stations are running out of gas, nd for the stations that still have, there are lines that go for miles. I never in my life dreamed of seeing such a sad sight. The local news is so devestating, that I can't watch it without sheading tears for some of the people. God showed his power during this storm and he's showing it in the cleanup efforts. Please keep praying, it will be a few weeks or even a few months, till eveything goes back to normal around here. (If you'd like to hear more stories or how the relief is going you can contact me at lilywhite4myking@gmail.com)