Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Gospel in 11 heart-beating minutes!

My wonderful cousin Christy introduced me to Leslie Ludy, who eventually led me to her husband Eric. He is a preacher at the Ellerslie Mission Society in Colorado. They have become two wonderful witnesses in my life and have been a true blessing to many others. This thanksgiving I am especially thankful for them and the work they do with teens and married couples. I've never met them but one day I hope that I will so I can thank them personally. 
Below is the first time I heard Eric preach. It's just a few minutes long, but it makes my spine tingle every time I listen to it. His sermons are available to listen to online (click here) which I also enjoy listening to.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Thankfulness from Hosea?!

This coming week is Thanksgiving and I thought I'd post something a bit early...
This morning I read Hosea 11 (one of my favorite chapters, from my favorite book of the bible). God has raised and taken care of Israel, yet they do not turn back to him. His holiness compels him to stay far from sin, but his compassion compels him to show love and mercy. He calls the Israelite's back to him and again shows them forgiveness. Love and Mercy win! 

God does the same for us. He forgives and forgets, throws our sins into the Sea of Forgetfulness. He doesn't hold grudges, like us. He controls his anger, his anger doesn't control him. We truly do have a wonderful God. It's beyond my understanding sometimes how he can forgive us, time after time. But, that is the power of UNFAILING LOVE being shown by our heavenly father. 

This year I'm thankful for Gods love toward me. 
I'm thankful that he forgives me and then forgets my past sins. 
Any "Amen's"?

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Mary Lathrop - "A Woman's Answer to a Man's Question"

"Do you know you have asked for the costliest thing 
Ever made by the hand above--
A woman's heart, and a woman's life
And a woman's wonderful love?

Do you know you have asked for this priceless thing
As a child might ask for a toy,
Demanding what others have died to win,
With the reckless dash of a boy?

You have written my lesson of duty out,
Man-like you have questioned me;
Now stand at the bar of my woman's soul
Until I shall question thee.

You require your mutton shall always be hot,
Your socks and your shirt be whole;
I require your heart to be true as God's stars,
And as pure as heaven your soul.

You require a cook for your mutton and beef;
I require a far better thing.
A seamstress you're wanting for socks and shirts;
I look for a man and a king.

A king for the beautiful realm called home,
And a man that the maker, God,
Shall look upon as he did the first
And say, "It is very good."

I am fair and young, but the rose will fade
From my soft, young cheek one day,
Will you love me then 'mid the falling leaves,
As you did 'mid the bloom of May?

Is your heart an ocean so strong and deep,
I may launch my all on its tide?
A loving woman finds heaven or hell
On the day she is made a bride.

I require all things that are grand and true,
All things that a man should be;
If you give all this, I would stake my life
To be all you demand of me.

If you cannot do this -- a laundress and cook
You can hire, with little to pay,
But a woman's heart and a woman's life
Are not to be won that way."
I read this a while ago in a book by Joshua Harris and came upon it again the other day. Just thought it was a wonderful poem for all!