Monday, November 28, 2011

Thank You, Lord, for all your blessings..

      Thanksgiving is a time to thank God for all we have. I am especially thankful for my family this year. I am also thankful for God's guidance during my first semester of college. I thank God for his love for me, a sinner saved by his grace. I thank him for his word, where I can always find comfort, rest, and peace. 
      My mothers side of the family meets at my grandma's house to celebrate. I love eating all the delicious food, especially my grandmother's stuffing. I like how everyone around the table brings either a dessert or a dinner side to the gathering (it feels like a potluck when we do this). I have 4 aunts and one uncle (all are married) and three cousins.  
      You might be wondering about my father's side of the family. It would be useless to tell you how many cousins we have on his side of the family. All I know, is that the last time I counted, we had about 20 cousins and still had 9 uncles and one aunt (all married, except for two). We don't see them for thanksgiving because they are too widely spread (over the east coast). We meet for a christmas and/or thanksgiving celebration on the first Saturday of December (that would be this coming Saturday, Dec.3). I love meeting with them, because I can relate to all of them and I have great christian examples to follow.
     Thank you for your prayers. Have a good day..and may God bless all of you. 
     From, your sister in Christ, Julie Waldvogel

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