Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Joyfulness with a side of Laughter...

    There are rarely days in which I don't laugh. I smile all the time, with happiness in my wake. The rest of my family may not be as bubbly as me, but they do know how to laugh and smile too. 
    It is a rainy day here in West Hempstead and it's not going to get better, for there is a storm predicted. At three pm we all gather together at the dinning room table to have a drink and a small snack, which is usually a piece of fruit. Today my mom and brother were at the table doing some logic puzzles from a puzzle book. Before five minutes had passed everyone was involved in helping them finish. Everyone was smiling. It was so delightful to look around and see them so happy. The weather could be as downcast as it wanted to be, but the happy mood could not be broken. 
    The Lord has been so gracious and good to everyone in my family this past year. It's been great being eighteen (what a blessing to live another year...)! The Lord has been with me in the past year and I am glad that I have been able to grow more like him.

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