Tuesday, March 5, 2013

An Act of Courage...for Christ!

Courage..it can tear your life apart and build you up, all at the same time. I never knew what it meant to have courage, until I read "The Pastor's Wife" by Sabrina Wumbrand. Twelve years ago she passed away, but her story still lives on and is very inspiring. There is one specific story that I will always remember:
     Her and her husband, Richard, agreed to go to the parliament building (where there was a meeting called the Congress of Cults) to speak out against the Romanian government who wanted to make it a "religiously free" country.  4,000 people of all different religions watched as ministers, rabbis, pastors, and priests came up to speak. Most of them shared how happy they were that the church was coming under one roof. Some shared how scared they were, but then would end up agreeing, with sayings of flattery. 
                  "It was if they spat in Christ's face. I could feel that Richard was boiling. 
                   So, I told him what was already in his heart and said, "Will you not wash
                   this shame from the face of Christ?" Richard knew what would happen:
                   "If I speak , you will lose a husband." 
She replied to that, "I don't need a coward for a husband." Silence fell upon the crowd as he stood to speak and as he spoke the whole atmosphere changed. The audience began to applaud and soon the Minister of Cults cut the wires for that microphone. But the applauding continued for many minutes and during that time Richard and Sabina were able to exist from the building. They had feared arrest after the meeting, but God had his hand on them. Instead of arrest, they had crowds gather in the streets for quick, but moving street meetings. 

I highly recommend reading this book, along with Richard Wumbrands book: "Tortured for Christ."

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