Friday, July 12, 2013

My hope and dream...

     Every little girl dreams of the knight that is going to sweep her off her feet and honor her all the days of her life. We all had those thoughts of castles with nothing but happiness and love surrounding us. We all twirled around in those beautiful dresses and pretended we were waltzing in a large ballroom. Believe it or not we probably all know how to curtsy even though we never will in public. I think that is a God-given desire. Then, when we meet the man he isn't perfect or honorable everyday. He may not even love us all the time. Soon, we stop that "foolish" dreaming. 
     Well I haven't yet! One day I will meet my knight and you know what, he won't be perfect. He will have weaknesses. This is the man I look forward to meeting one day: A strong man in Christ! A man who, to the world, may be weak, but through Christ is made strong. He will hold my hand throughout life to support me and will treasure my heart. He will love me indefinitely. BUT, I pray that above all else, including me, he will love God. The way he will show his love to God is by cherishing me, the gift God gave him. And I hope and pray that God will help me do the same.

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