Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A re-post of a some other posts...

All day I had been wondering about what to post, and then it hit me! 
I decided to make a list of some posts that I have recently read, and then share them with you.
You could read them all at once or one every day or not at all (but then there's no learning which is not cool)

1 - Why Not Pursue Him? (loved this because I believe that young men should be initiators and leaders in relationships, yep that's a lot of pressure) =

2 - Potential Boyfriend or Forever Brother?? =

3 - Self-esteem VS. Christ-esteem (written by lovely Leslie Ludy) = 

5 - How will He notice me if I Don't flirt? =

I really hope you enjoy these posts..God Bless you all!
(I will write my own post when college classes finish..pray for me on upcoming finals)

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