Tuesday, May 26, 2015

I'm still here...

     It's an absolutely gorgeous day outside today.  The sun is shining, the birds are singing their praises to the creators, and the grass feels just right under my bare toes as I drag the watering hose around our spacious backyard to water all the flowers.  There is a peace that surrounds me, even while the neighbors dog barks indefinitely.  

     All the worrying we do in our lives, really doesn't do anything.  I know that all my worrying just makes me more uncertain and produces a cloud that masks the Lords reassurance.  This peace, from my Lord, makes me lighthearted, and whispers softly "everything will be fine and go ust according to plan."  It makes me smile.  I silently thank Jesus that he has everything under control.  

     I'll be leaving for South Africa in twelve days...it came up even faster than I thought it would.  I remember saying that "I would love to go" and now it will finally happen.  It's exciting to think about it and I can't wait (as you could probably tell that isn't what's troubling me).  There will be people to meet and love and tell about me precious Lord.  We (the group) will see things we've never seen before and experience new things and make "forever memories." 

     The experience that I'm worrried about is the last semester of my senior year in Nursing School. I will be preceptoring with a nurse, during a regular twelve hour shift and at a hospital I may be unfamiliar with.  I know I will get through it and God will be a friend and guide, but there is still a part of me that worries...a purely human emotion.

     I will just keep praying for this peace and joy...and I'd love it if you would to, because everyone could use a bit of peace in their busy lives.

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