Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Day Of Infamy..

   This is an unusual post for me to write..but I do love history! Pearl Harbor is actually one of my favorite historical events to study...
   By 7:53am on December 7, 1941 the USA was under attack by the two waves of Japanese Kamikaze pilots. The attacks last till 9:45, with a massive casualty on America's side. Eighteen ship were damaged or sunk and three are destroyed, including the USS Arizona. "The casualty list includes 2,335 servicemen and 68 civilians killed, with 1,178 wounded. Included are 1,104 men aboard the Battleship USS Arizona killed after a 1,760-pound air bomb penetrated into the forward magazine causing catastrophic explosions."   Except for the USS Arizona, USS Utah, and USS Oklahoma, every ship sunk or damaged on December 7th sailed again. A third attack never happened because the Japanese could not find where the carrier was where the airplanes were coming from. There were loses for planes too:188 aircraft destroyed and 155 aircraft damaged. Most planes were shot down before they could destroy any Japanese aircraft or submarines. Only a few of the american aircraft can be said to have shot down and destroyed Japanese military weapons. 
   One of my favorite quotes that was recorded on December 7th was one said by Admiral Yamamoto of Japan: "I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant." The Japanese did wake up a "sleeping giant." because on the next day the president declared war on the empire of Japan. 
(below is a movie with part of the speech). 
   There are many families that lost loved ones that fought bravely for the USA. I was surprised when my Biology teacher made us stand for a moment of silence at 8:30am on December 7th. In that moment I prayed for all the families and friends who lost loved ones that day. God Bless All!

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