Monday, February 25, 2013

Winter Weekend Retreat

     This past weekend I was at a youth retreat. I had an amazing time with friends; new and old. We slept in dorm-like rooms (girls on one side of the building, boys on the other side), with 4 or 5 other people. Laughter could be heard down the long hall at any point during the day. We did all different activities such as; basketball, volleyball, card games, shuffleboard, and even sumo-wrestling (which was quite fun to watch also). When we weren't having fun, we were in God's presence.
     An evangelist named Glen Badonsky was the special speaker and had us laughing and crying. He had a special sense of humor, but when alter call came we all went up to worship with him. He broke through with the humor and we were built up with our tears. He has a ministry in India called Double Portion Ministries. I truly felt the holy spirit in the chapel this year.


     We had worship time, which is always my favorite time. We sang a lot of contemporary songs. Some were "Stand" by Hillsong, "10,000 reasons" by Matt Redman, and "Promises" by Parachute band. Raising our hands in worship always makes me thankful that I have a God I can reach out to and he'll hear me and answer me.

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