Friday, October 4, 2013

A Experience worth Remembering...

Last night was a gift. From two sources.
It was a gift from my Aunt and Uncle who told my family about the Michael W. Smith concert.
It was also a gift from God; He knew exactly what I needed to hear.
I loved all the songs Michael sang last night. This was a new first timer he preformed for us "New Yorkers" (written by his son-in-law)

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in this life with school and work, and we forget who gives us the chance to take part in this life in the first place. I know that it happens to me. I admit that sometimes I forget to do my bible reading in the morning because I have to go to school or the hospital. It's sad. I know it's wrong and I've been getting up earlier to make more time for it. He always has time for us; in our sorrows and joys and fears. he doesn't forget us and is "Perfect In Love."
Last night I heard some great songs that reminded me what God did for me and how much I love him. 
I don't want to skip over him anymore. He is more important that anything or anyone in my life and I want to keep it that way! Don't you? 

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