Tuesday, May 28, 2013

get lost.

     I recently received a copy of a get lost: Your Guide to Finding True Love by Dannah Gresh. When I picked it up off the bookshelf I honestly didn't know what I was getting myself into.
     I had gone into the hospital to volunteer that day and I had just finished signing out to head back home. The lady at the front desk saw me and called me over. She told me there was a book vender just down the hall. (I later found out that she thought I would like it because she always saw me carrying around a book with me..haha..that's definitely true!). So, without any hesitation I walked down the short hall to where she was. She smiled when I walked over to look at some of the books she had on the shelves near her...of course, I smiled back. 
     Her name was Lucy and she started telling me why she was here. Her parents had lost their house in the tornado that just ravished a part of Oklahoma that past week. She was raising money to send down there for her parents and other various families that she had met. She was charging just five dollars for any book on the shelves she had there. Most of the books were fantasy, non-fiction, and modern-day love stories, but there was a small part of the christian genre and I was drawn there immediately. 
     I had already given five dollars to her and whether or not I was actually going to take a book was dependent on the books she had that I would actually read. I'm not a fantasy person, and the non-fiction books looked boring, and the modern-day love stories are too graphic, so I only looked at the christian books really. There were about fifteen christian books and I scanned the names. The title get lost popped out right away. I smiled as I pulled it out, it was such a weird and unique title. I read the first sentence, which is:                    
                                     This is a book about God...
                                                   ...and guys...
                                                               ...and how we get them mixed up. 
     I smiled, I couldn't resist. It was certainly gripping...haha. I scanned the summary on the back cover. One sentence (in green) stuck out:
Discover how to get so lost in God 
that a guy has to seek HIM to find you. 
     That did it for me! Without hesitation I walked over and told her I had found the book I was taking. She put my name in her notebook along with the book I was taking, and then thanked me. I smiled one last time...and walked away. 
     Two good things came out of that meeting: I had given money to the families in Oklahoma and I had a chance to get lost in God. I haven't finished the book, but it has been such a blessing so far. I'm getting lost and I love it! 

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