Friday, May 17, 2013

God Still Performs Miracles..

I was driving to the hospital this morning, on my way to volunteer. The radio was on 96.7 (Klove here in West Hempstead). The "morning show" was playing with the three regular announcers. This morning there was a guest singer, his name was Aaron Shust. I was so happy and excited to hear what he was going to talk about. Then one of the announcers asked him about his oldest son and what came next was a complete surprise to me.
Sometimes it can be a bit hard to think of famous people living a normal life, not that Aaron has a normal life. Far from it actually. Aaron has a wonderful wife and three young boys who he loves very much. The eldest son was miraculously healed the other day from esophagitis, a disease in which the child could no longer swallow food and was on a feeding tube. They were in the hospital and nurses came into the room just because they felt peace inside the little boys room. Aaron was so thankful for the healing and all his wife could do was smile in utter joy.

There 18 month old son was born with Down Syndrome and almost full deafness in both ears. Just a few months ago Aaron's wife took a trip to New York to attend a prayer conference and took the little boy with her. She brought the boy up to the front to be prayed with. The next morning she called Aaron, and while crying told him that she had just called to the little boy from across the room and he had turned his head in response to his name. I missed the ending of the second boys recovery, but the story of this singer was truly a blessing. God can still perform miracles today. It can be easy to see it in this post, but everyday he performs a miracle in your life. That miracle is life. 
God Bless you all! 

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