Thursday, May 30, 2013

Thoughts...on protection!

     This afternoon I was checking my emails...and one caught my eye. It was from the blog Lies Young Women Believe, a blog written by a group of women, mostly for an audience of young ladies (such as myself). This past week they have been writing the posts all on guys. The author of the posts is actually Dannah Gresh, who wrote get lost (the book which my last post was written on). Today's post struck me the most...
     It is based on the question: Does He Protect Your Purity? I can't answer the question right now, because I haven't met my prince yet, but in the future I'd like to think that the answer would be YES. Dannah talks about sex trafficking and rape in this post and at first I wondered what she was getting at.   
     Dannah then writes something that explains where she is going with all this sad talk about the disrespect of men who rape girls. "God's very definition of sex transcends the physical act and emphasizes the emotional knowing and exchange of respect that is the essence of His intended design." Real men respect women. Some men don't like the idea of protecting women and frankly, I don't know why. As a christian brother, you are supposed to step up and protect and respect your sisters. No matter what girl/woman you face you're supposed to act in integrity. But, we can't leave women out either. As christian sisters, we are to respect our brothers and future husbands with modest clothes and a modest attitude, which includes how you present yourself. If you would like to view this post please follow this link:
     So sisters, next time you think about the young man you gave your heart to...ask yourself if he protects your purity. And brothers, remember "Real men don't buy girls...they protect them." "Love each other with genuine affection, and take delight in honoring each other." - Romans 12:10 (NLT)  
     A part of my personal life does tie in: Currently my family supports a young girl named Sabani, who is from Odisha. She resides in a place called House of Refuge, which is run by a missionary family. House of Refuge  is a place for girls only, who are poor and unable to get an education through their families. Since they are poor they are also in danger of being sold into sexual slavery or prostitution. One of the saddest things is temple prostitution (to read an article about this click here). 

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